Core77 – Humanscale Faces in the Wild 2010 Preview Scott Henderson’s Megatera


Now a ten year tradition, the Humanscale Faces in the Wild charity event invites artists and designers to submit a depiction of any non-domesticated animal, auctioned off to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Increasingly more design focused as the bar keeps getting raised, this year’s contributors include Marcel Wanders, Yves Behar, Scott Wilson, and Scott Henderson, among others.

Scott Henderson sent us a sneak peak of his submission, Megatera, depicting a Humpback Whale diving below the surface in the deep ocean. The whale was machined into a 16″ tall block of solid acrylic in both postive and negative volumes. This gives the illusion of the whale as a single piece, as both volumes connect seamlessly at the waterline. Henderson has been a long time contributor to the event, and talked with us about the ideas behind this year’s choice of Megaptera novaeangliae, humpback whale:

I love this event because it’s awesome to be able to use your skills to help the environment, especially this year, as we have seen incredible damage being done to marine life, which is why I chose the diving whale form. Man only sees the whale’s tail from his perspective above the water, and can’t appreciate the colossal size of these mammals hidden below the waves. The heavy block of acrylic was a perfect way to show that.

Megatera and other sculptures, photographs, paintings and drawings will be auctioned off at Humanscale’s showroom on October 7th, but pre-auctioned online ahead of time, so stay tuned.

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