Core77 – Pyramid Frame by Scott Henderson


Finally, a frame that considers the person on the other side of the desk! Wonder how the idea was thought up? Here’s Scott Henderson

The Pyramid frame came about by sketching and trying to uncover new ways to hold up a thin plane of material, which is all a picture frame really does. I was sketching frames because so many frames are very 2D and traditional and it seemed frames were a ripe category to do something different in.

I like the idea of two components intersecting each other to form a functional composition. This has been a theme in other products I’ve done, like products for MINT. The Pyramid frame was another incarnation of that.

After my thumbnail sketch–which is really all that I did because I could tell from that that the idea was going to work–I built a 3D computer model of it and sent it out for a 3D print (fused deposition modeling). The design involved a big metal casting and I thought it would be perfect for Nambe. Two days later I had a model back, and I emailed Nambe and asked them if they would look at a frame that I made, and they said they would. I sent Nambe images and the model and they liked it a lot and wanted to pursue it right away. We then met in their New York Showroom to go over details and there were some follow-up tasks like making the frame in two different sizes, etc., but essentially it was a very streamlined and efficient process to realize the Pyramid frame.

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